As the name suggests, solid door constructions are made from singular pieces of timber, jointed, glued or dowelled together. By contrast, engineered doors take a more modern approach to door leaf construction. In some cases, particle board is used, whilst in other cases a cross-configuration of multi-layered timber is pressed and glued together to form a solid core.
Solid doors have a premium allure to them, and there inherent strength is undeniable. They are, however, susceptible to environmental factors such as heat and moisture. Exposure to factors such as these can cause a solid door to warp or bow, making it twist and gradually lose shape.Engineered doors, on the other hand, are far more structurally stable as they are made from multiple materials and can evenly distribute any environmental stress that may be applied to it. As for the appearance,people can hardly tell one from another.
A PVC door is made up of Poly-Vinyl Chloride which is a type of plastic. Its characteristic of easy alteration of its composition makes it an ideal material for the doors. However, a PVC door is not as sturdy as other types of doors that are made from wood.
Our doors are imported from Malaysia (Sandor), Italy (Garafoli) and Turkey (Gema).
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